Well Pump Size Chart

How To Choose The Right System:

  • The 4000W & 6000W systems are Split Phase, which provides both 240v & 120V Power. This allows you to run a 240v well pump & 120v items like fridge, lights, furnace, etc.
  • The 5000 Watt System is 240V only

Well Pump up to 1.5HP: (240V Power Only)

5000 Watt Solar Generator

Well Pump up to 1.5HP  (Provides both 120V & 240V Power)

4000 Watt Solar Generator

Well Pump up to 2.5HP: (Provides both 120V & 240V Power)

6000 Watt Solar Generator

    Not sure which solar generator you need? Check the chart below for well pump wattage requirements.

    solar for well pumps