Solar Generator Sizing

Power Usage Guide

We often get asked "what size of solar powered generator should I get?" The answer depends on what your power requirements are.

Wattage of commonly used items:

Fridge 150 -250 Watts per hour (a fridge compressor cycles on & off) *See Notes Below


800-1200 Watts per hour 15 minutes of cooking will use 200-300 watts)
42" TV 250 Watts
Laptop 50-90 Watts
16" Fan 50 Watts
Coffee Maker 1000-1500 Watts (full size)  5 minutes of brewing = 125 Watts
Lights 7 Watt LED = 75 Watt incandescent bulb. 


 *The best way to run a fridge during a power outage is with an outlet timer. Leave the fridge off for the first three hours, then power the fridge on for three hours & off for 3 hours until power is restored.

Well Pump Size Chart

solar power for well pump wattage chart

Portable Solar Generators

We have compact systems that are great for camping & outdoor events. They can also be used for emergency home power, depending on how much stuff you need to run.

Large Solar Generators

Our larger solar generators can be used for Home Backup, Power for Well Pumps, RVs, Off-grid Living and more!