Economy AGM Systems ~ Solar Well Pump Kit

Economy AGM (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery Systems  - Solar Well Pump Kit

These systems use agm (sealed lead acid)  batteries, rather than the LifePo4 lithium batteries.

A great choice if you're on a budget!

 What's the difference between the AGM Battery and LifePo4 Battery Solar Generator?

LifePo4 Battery Benefits:

  • Super lightweight 40% Lighter
  • 100% Depth of Charge 
  • 15-20 Year Life Span
  • 5000-8000 Charge Cycles
  • Only Needs Charging 1-2x a Year

AGM Batteries:

  • Less Expensive
  • Heavier
  • 500-800 Charge Cycles
  • 6-7 Year Lifespan
  • Needs to be kept Charged. (Full-time charger or charge 3-4x a year)

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