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Wind solar hybrid charge controller

Wind/Solar Hybrid Charge Controller & Dump Load 800W/600W

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Wind/Solar Charge Controller w/ Dump load

Add a small wind turbine (800watt or lower) to your solar generator. This hybrid controller can handle 800 watts from wind and 600 watts from solar panels.

This controller can work with sealed lead acid (agm), gel or lithium batteries.

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage Voltage of the automatic identification system of 12V/24V
Input power PV 600W
Wind turbine 800W
Charging 58.3A/116.6A
Even charge protection 14.4V±1%(12V) / 28.8V±1%(24V)
Floating charge 13.8V±1%(12V) / 27.6V±1%(24V)
Even charge recover 13.2V±1%(12V) / 26.4V±1%(24V)
Temperature Compensation -24mV/℃ , -48mV/℃
Over Discharge-Shut off (DC) 10.8V±1%(12V) / 21.8V±1%(24V)
Over Discharge-Resume(DC) 12.3V±1%(12V) / 24.6V±1%(24V)
Over Voltage-Shut off (DC) 16V±1%(12V) / 32V±1%(24V)
Over Voltage-Resume(DC) 15V±1%(12V) / 30V±1%(24V)
No-load Current ≤0.1A
Voltage drop(DC) ≤0.5V
Display LCD
Working Temperature -25~+55℃

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