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40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Upgrade

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  • 1. 100% MPPT 40A solar charge controller Intelligent, Max efficiency ≥98.1%, PV utilization ≥99%.Built-in DSP controller with high performance Automatic battery voltage detection 12V/24V/36V/48V, Make sure batteries' voltage more than 12V to boost controller and make sure battery has enough power to Self-detection when connected to the controller.
  • ❷Fit for USER(can be set Lithium, Lifepo4, /Vented/Flooded/Sealed/Gel/NiCd battery.User programmable for absorption voltage/Floating voltage/Low voltage disconnect./Load Timer. Real-time energy recording.
  • ❸Blacklight LCD Dispaly PV voltage/output power/Battery voltage/charging current/working mode/Temperature, ☀ TROUBLESHOOTING function and LCD display and can help users not only check the whole system operating data and statuses but also quickly identify system faults and modify parameters.
  • ❹Intelligence Fan-on temperature >45℃ and off < 40℃,Porous heat dissipation.and fan use BEARING technologies increase life UP TO 5000hrs in normal use.

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