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Portable solar generator for camping or emergency backup
100 watt solar panel
solar generator with usb port and 12v outlet
quick connect solar panel for solar generator

2000 Watt 100ah & 100 Watt Solar Panel - Economy

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Economy Solar Generator 2000 Watt

Our bare bones, economy solar generator is perfect for camping, outdoor events & home backup power.

You can add additional batteries to this system (externally) for even more power.

2000 watt continuous / 4000 watt peak modified sine wave inverter

Add an optional AC Wall Charger to the system to keep it charged up from a standard wall outlet.


Battery: 100 amp hour maintenance free AGM sealed deep cycle battery (stores 1260 watts of power)

Solar Panel: Choose one or two 100 watt solar panel

Outlets & Ports:

  • 2 120V AC Outlets
  • 2 Standard USB Ports
  • 2 Quick Charge 3.0 USB Ports (3x faster charging)
  • One 12v 10A DC Outlet

30 amp charge controller  (can handle 360 watt from solar panels)

25 foot solar panel cables

Quick connect/disconnect solar panel plug in on side of box (as shown in picture)

LCD voltage readout

USB port for charging mobile devices

Smart surge control, voltage & overload protection, short circuit protection, & thermal cutoff.

Weight: 65lbs

dimensions: 17.6 (L) x 10 (w) x 14.5 (h) inches

Individual components may vary in appearance to what is pictures but specifications will be the same.

Generator, battery and solar panel are all shipped separately

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