Q: What size of system should I get?

A: The answer depends on what you need to run. Each 100ah battery has 1260wh of power. 

Q: How much power do my devices use?

A: Power Usage Of Popular Items:

  • 42" Flat Screen TV: 200 Watts
  • Small Microwave:  1000 watts (per hour / 15 minutes = 250 watts)
  • Laptop: 50-65 Watts
  • 13 CF Chest Freezer: 130 Watts
  • 16" Rotating Fan: 40-60 Watts
  • 8000 BTU Evaporation Air Cooler: 100-150 Watts
  • Fridge: 100-250 Watts (because it doesn't run all the time)
  • LED Light Bulbs: 7W (equals 70W incandescent)


Q: What is the expected lifespan of an agm & lithium-ion battery?


A: A well maintained agm battery can have 500 charge cycles. A lithium battery can have 2000 cycles at 80% discharge and up to 5000 cycles at 50% discharge.


Q: What is the warranty on solar generators?

A: The warranty is one year limited.

Q: Is the internal  battery user replaceable?

A: Yes, all of the batteries in our systems are replaceable.

Q: How long will the battery hold its charge?

A: A lithium battery can hold it's charge up to one year. However, we recommend checking the battery level every 3 months to ensure it is over 10% charged. An agm battery should be charged every 3 months.

Q: Can I use my solar generator while it is charging?

A: Yes. You can use the system while it's charging.


Q: Can I connect external batteries to the system?


A: Yes, you can add external batteries.They need to be the same voltage and size in amp hours. Also, You shouldn't add new batteries to old batteries because the new battery will only work as well as the old ones.

Q:  I’m no longer getting power from the system - why?


A:  Possible Solutions:

  • Check the ANL Fuse (if your system comes with one). Make sure it hasn't blown. If it has, replace the fuse and reduce the load you are running.
  • Check the battery voltage: You may not have enough power to run the system.