Power Station Sizing


We often get asked "what size of power station should I get?" The answer depends on what your power requirements are.

For Home Back Systems

The Elite 3000 is our more portable power station but is also a great home system! It will provide power for essential devices for approx 2-3 days during a power outage.

The Elite-Pro 6000  provides power for essential items for approx 4-6 days during a power outage.

*Add solar panels or a wind turbine to your power station and it will provide much longer run times!

Portable Systems

The Elite 3000 is a great system for providing portable power. It's lightweight (only 48 lbs) and supplies a ton of power.

  • It can run an  30" TV for 60 hours!
  • Or, it could run an energy efficient mini-fridge for approx 75 hours!

The Elite-Pro 6000 is a heavier system at approx 80 lbs but it provides 2X the run time as the Elite 3000. (Two people can easily lift the Elite-Pro 6000 into a vehicle for transporting & for outdoor events.)

Both systems are perfect for backup power during a disaster, hurricane, or other emergency situation.

*Turn either system into a portable solar powered generator by adding solar panels.