Solar Generator Sizing

Power Usage Guide

We often get asked "what size of solar powered generator should I get?" The answer depends on what your power requirements are.

Wattage Of Commonly Used Items:

Fridge 150 -250 Watts per hour (a fridge compressor cycles on & off) *See Notes Below


800-1200 Watts per hour 15 minutes of cooking will use 200-300 watts)
42" TV 250 Watts
Laptop 50-90 Watts
16" Fan 50 Watts
Coffee Maker 1000-1500 Watts (full size)  5 minutes of brewing = 125 Watts
Lights 7 Watt LED = 75 Watt incandescent bulb. 


Example: Choose the following system to run the items below: 2500 Watt 400ah System

To run a fridge, microwave (20 minutes a day, three 7 watt LED lights for 7 hours, charge laptop for 1 hour, coffee maker = 2700 Watts.

The 450 watts of solar panels will be able to recharge the 2700 watts in 6 hours of full sun. So, you can have the same amount of power the next day.

*add an extra 150 Watt Solar Panel for faster charging.

Portable Solar Generators

We have compact systems that are great for camping & outdoor events. They can also be used for emergency home power, depending on how much stuff you need to run.

 Large Solar Generators

Our larger systems range from 200-400ah Battery Banks and up to 750 watts of solar panels.

More Ways To Get The Power You Need:

All of our systems can be charged in several ways:

  • AC Power
  • Solar Panels
  • 12V Car Outlet
  • Gas Generator
  • Small Wind Turbine *(requires a hybrid controller & dump load resistor)