Q: What will the Elite 3000 & Elite-Pro 6000 run?

A: Both the Elite 3000 and Elite-Pro 6000 will run appliances that use 2,000 watts or less.

Q: How long will the Elite & the Elite-Pro power my devices?

A: The Elite 3000 Portable Power Station provides 3150 watt hours & the Elite-Pro Power Station provides 6300 watt hours of lithium battery power. So, if you had a 100 watt device the Elite would power it for 31.5 hours and the Elite-Pro would power it for 63 hours.

Power Consumption Of Popular Items (per hour):

  • 42" Flat Screen TV: 200 Watts
  • Small Microwave:  800 watts
  • Laptop: 50-65 Watts
  • 13 CF Chest Freezer: 130 Watts
  • 16" Rotating Fan: 40-60 Watts
  • 8000 BTU Evaporation Air Cooler: 100-150 Watts
  • Fridge: 100-250 Watts (because it doesn't run all the time)
  • LED Light Bulbs: 6W (equals 40W incandescent)

Q: How much does the Elite 3000 & Elite-Pro weigh?

A:The Elite 3000 weighs only 48 lbs & the Elite-Pro weighs approx 82 lbs.

Q: What size is the battery bank for the Elite and Elite-Pro?

A: The Elite battery bank is 12.6V 250AH (3150Wh Peak)
     The Elite-Pro battery bank is 25.2V 250AH (6300Wh Peak)

Q: What type of AC Inverter is built into the Elite & Elite-Pro?


A: Both the Elite  & Elite-Pro has a 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverter, with a max 3,000 watt surge.

Q: What is the expected lifespan of the Elite & Elite-Pro battery?


A: Up to 2,000 cycles or 10 years if the battery is well maintained.


Q: What is the warranty for the Elite & Elite-Pro?

A: The warranty is one year limited.

Q: Is the internal lithium battery user replaceable?

A: No. Any battery service must be rendered by Delta Force.

Q: How long will the battery hold its charge?

A: Up to one year. However, we recommend checking the battery level every 3 months to ensure it is over 10% charged.

Q: Can I use the Elite & Elite-Pro while it is charging?

A: Yes. You can use the system while it's charging.

Q: Can I fly on an airplane with the Elite or Elite-Pro, or ship it myself?


A: No. They cannot be carried on or checked onto passenger aircraft. Also, due to the size of the lithium battery, shipping needs to be facilitated by a hazmat certified shipper only.


Q: Can I connect lithium ion batteries to the Elite or Elite-Pro?


A: No. Adding external batteries will negatively effect the lifespan of the battery. In addition, adding external batteries can be dangerous and is not allowed.

Q: The LCD is still on, but I’m no longer getting power from system - why?


A: The Elite Portable Power Station & Elite-Pro Power Station are equipped with internal overload protection to prevent damage. In the event that the load power exceeds the rated power. The unit will turn off and an alarm will sound. Simply, switch the power button to OFF and allow it to cool for several minutes, then turn the system back on and reduce the power demand. *The same applies to both AC and DC loads.