Portable Solar Generator | User's Manual


Portable Solar Generator




Q: How much does the 25PSW generator weigh?

A: The system weighs approx 75 lbs.


Q: What size is the battery bank?

A: The battery bank is 12.8V 100ah (1280 Watt Hours)


Q: What type of AC Inverter?

A: 2,500 watt continuous / 5000 watt peak - Pure Sine Wave. Provides utility-quality power to safely run any appliance or electronic device.


Q: What is the expected lifespan?

A:  500+ cycles or 5 years if the battery is well maintained.


Q: What is the warranty?

A: The warranty is one year limited.


Q: Is the internal agm battery user replaceable?

A: Yes, the agm battery is easily replaceable.


Q: How long will the battery hold its charge?

A: Up to six months year. However, we recommend charging the battery every couple of months. This will help to preserve the life of the battery.


Q: Can I use the solar generator while it is charging?

A: Yes. You can use the system while it's charging.


 Q: Can I connect additional batteries to my system?

A: Yes, you can add more batteries - However, they must be the same type (agm) & same size (12v 100ah). You shouldn't connect new batteries to old batteries because the new battery will only work as well as the older battery.


Q: I'm not getting power from the system.

A: There is a re-settable circuit breaker that can be tripped if the system is overloaded. Reset the breaker and turn the power back on. If this doesn't fix the problem, check the battery voltage to make sure you have adequate power.

Battery Voltage Chart:

See the source image





1. Wiring Diagram

2. Charging the Solar Generator

3. Powering Your Devices

4. Specifications

5. Power Station Diagram

6. Safety & Storage Guidelines

7. Warranty Information



Wiring Diagram

When you receive your solar generator you will simply have to add the battery to the box and connect a few wires.


*The battery is heavy, so please lower it in gently to avoid banging it into the inverter.


You should remove any rings you have on before connecting battery cables.


There are two sets of cables: Red (positive) & Black



First, connect all of the positive cables (red) to the + battery terminal.


Second, place all of the negative cables (black) to the battery terminal.

*Please Note: When touching the cables to the neg. terminal there may be a slight spark. This is normal and completely safe.


wiring to portable solar powered generator



Third, place the foam piece between the 12V/USB panel wiring to prevent the battery from hitting them and causing damage.



Solar Panel Connection

1. The battery cables from the controller should be connected to the battery first. (This should have been completed in the previous step.)

2. Then, connect the positive cable to the first slot on the controller. Then connect the negative cable to the second slot on the controller.



Solar panel wiring to solar generator


Charging Your Solar Generator


    All of our solar generators can be charged in the following ways:

    • Home AC Power

    • 12V Car Outlet

    • Solar Panels

    • Gas Generator

    • *Small Wind Turbine (requires a hybrid controller & dump load resistor)


     AC Outlet Charging:

     The solar generator features a 12.8V/6A battery charger. Once the light turns green, the system is fully charged.



    The AC charger provides 77 watts of power. This will charge the 100ah from 50% depleted in approx 8 hours.


    SOLAR Charging:

    12V/30A charge controller 

    Maximum Input: Up To 360 Watts from solar panels.


    Solar Panel Charging Time:

    150 Watt Panel: Approx 4 hours (from 50% depleted)

    Two 150 Watt Panels: Approx 2 hours.


    Please, only use 12V solar panels. If using more than one panel, connect panels in a PARALLEL wiring configuration only!


    *Charge times vary depending on the type of solar panels used, sun conditions, and angle of panels relative to the sun.




     Powering Your Devices

    *When you're done using your devices, please turn the inverter &/or the external power (USB) to the off position or the system will continue to drain power from the battery.



    Best Practices: The solar generator can power up to 2,500 watts from the AC outlets on the inverter. Max 1500 watts per outlet on external AC outlets.


    Example: By using 50% battery power on a regular basis, you can expect to get  500 cycles from the battery.





     General Specifications


      • Weight: 75 lbs

      • Dimensions:


      • Operating Temperatures (Ambient):

        -Charging Temperatures: 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)

        -Discharging Temperatures: 20°F - 115°F (-6°C – 46°C)


      • Charge Controller Type:  PWM

      • Inverter: Pure Sine Wave2,500 Watts Maximum Output, 5,000 Watt Starting Surge. Provides utility-quality power to safely run any device.

      • Warranty: 12 Months



    Battery Specifications
      • Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid - AGM (Maintenance-Free)

      • Capacity: 1280Wh peak (12.8V, 100 Ah)


      • Life Expectancy: Up to 500 Cycles at 50% Capacity. *You can run the battery down to 60-65% on occasion without any issue but shouldn't be discharged more than 50% on a regular basis for optimal battery life.

      • Shelf Life: Up to 10 years - charge every 3 months, store at 68°F (20°C).