Delta Force Power | Emergency Power

Delta Force Power Stations For Emergency Situations

See Which System Is Right For You!

Elite 3000 Portable Power Station: Lightweight & Powerful. *Can power essential items for 2-4 days (add solar panels & have a longer running portable solar generator)

Elite-Pro 6000 High Capacity Power Station: Super High Capacity & Still Portable.

*Can power essential items for 4-6 days. (Add solar panels for even longer run times!)

Delta Force Power | Emergency Power Stations

Why Have a Power Station For Disaster Relief & Emergency Power?

  • Hurricanes & Other Disasters Can Cause Major Power Outages - People need a source of Home Backup Power for essential items.

  • Disaster Relief Teams - Need backup power to provide medical attention & help to those effected by disasters.

Easy to use systems: Stand alone - Plug & Play or connect the system to your home grid.

*Our Power Stations are compatible with solar panels and wind turbines. Wind turbines provide an excellent way to recharge your power station during a hurricane.