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solar generator for well pumps
solar generators for well pump

Solar Generator 5000 Watt 240V For Well Pumps

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This 240V Solar Generator will run a well pump up to 1.5HP

*The run time for a 1 HP pump is approx 50 minutes and the 160 watt solar panel will charge the system back to full in approx 4 hours (or only 2 hours with two 160 watt panels.)

This system packs a punch with a 5000 Watt continuous (10,000 Watt surge) 240V inverter, Plus a 1260 watt hour agm battery.

You can hard wire any 240V outlet that you need (up to 40A) to the AC terminal block.


    • Inverter: 5000 Watt Continuous/1000W Peak 240V

    • Battery: 100ah AGM Battery Maintenance-Free 1260Wh (watt hours)  Lithium Version Available

    • Solar Panel: Choose one or two 160W Solar Panels

    • Charge Controller: 30 Amp PWM (can handle up to 360 watt of solar panels.)

    • AC Outlets:  Two 240Vac Outlets & an AC terminal block for hard wiring.

    • Battery Maintenance System – Keeps the battery in your system charged when not in use. This is the key to maximum longevity and protection of your battery storage.

    • * Please note: This 240V system is for 240V only and does NOT power 120V items.

      The USB Ports will power 5V items, such as cell phones, etc and the 12v 10A Outlet will power regular 12V items.

 4 Ways To Charge Your System:

Several charging options - gives you more access to power when you really need it.

      • AC Power

      • 12v Car Outlet

      • Solar Panels

      • Gas Generator

Heavy Duty Cables

25 ft Solar PV Wire – connects the solar panels to the batteries

*Due to weight, batteries will ship separately. Simply insert batteries into the case and attach two sets of cables. 

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