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Hybrid Solar Generator for emergency power
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2500 Watt Solar & Wind Generator 200ah 300 Watt Panels & 500W Wind Turbine

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Easy to Use Solar/Wind Generator

Full instructions on connecting the Wind Turbine to the rest of the system.


  • Inverter: 2500 Watt Continuous / 5000Watt Peak Pure Sine Wave

  • Battery: (2)100ah AGM Batteries Maintenance-Free 2520Wh (watt hours) *You can add on more batteries if needed!

  • Solar Panels: (2) 150W Monocrystalline (300 Watts Total)

  • Wind Turbine: 12v 500 Watt AC Turbine. Start up speed 6 mph and full power at 22 mph. Suggested height 15-30ft

  • Hybrid Charge Controller & Dump Load: 440 Amp Controller/ 600 Watt dump load.

  • AC Outlets: External - 120Vac Dual Outlets; Internal - (2) AC Outlets on the inverter.

  • External Power Panel: – Two 5V 2.1A USB ports for charging phones, tablets, laptops, a 12V 10A outlet (cigarette lighter style) for DC loads, and a digital voltmeter for easy monitoring of battery voltage.

  • Battery Maintenance System – Keeps batteries charged when not in use. This is the key to maximum longevity and protection of your battery storage. Can use AC or 12V Car power.

  • 250 amp re-settable circuit breaker

  • Heavy Duty Battery Cables

  • 25 ft Solar PV Wire – connect solar panels to the batteries

  • 40 ft of cable for wind turbine to batteries

This Solar Generator & Wind Turbine is perfect for emergency backup & off grid power!

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