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Portable Solar Generator | 2500 Watt 100ah Battery

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The Best Portable Solar Generator - Compact For Easy Portability

DELTA 25PSW provides utility quality power for remote areas, apartments, small homes, cabins, and RV’s. Can also be used as home backup power.

Can Be Charged 5 Ways!

  • AC Power
  • 12V Car Outlet
  • Solar Panels
  • Gas Generator
  • Small Wind Turbine *hybrid controller & dump load required


  • Inverter: 2500 Watt Continuous/5000W Peak; Pure Sine Wave 

  • Battery: One 100ah AGM Battery Maintenance-Free 1280Wh (watt hours)

  • Solar Panel: 150W Solar Panel; Monocrystalline

  • Charge Controller: 30 Amp PWM (can handle up to 360 watt of solar panels.)

  • AC Outlets: External - 120Vac Dual Outlets; Internal - (2) AC outlets on the inverter.

  • External Power Panel – Two 5V 2.1A USB ports for charging phones, tablets, laptops, a 12V 10A outlet (cigarette lighter style) for DC loads, and a digital voltmeter for easy monitoring of battery voltage.

  • Battery Maintenance System – Keep the battery in your portable solar generator charged when not in use. This is the key to maximum longevity and protection of your battery storage. Can use AC or 12V Car power.

  • 250 amp re-settable circuit breaker

  • Heavy Duty Battery Cables

  • 25 ft Solar PV Wire – connect solar panels to the batteries

When you need the best portable solar generator!

*Due to weight, batteries will ship separately. Simply insert batteries into the case and attach two sets of cables. 

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