Battery Backup For Your Well Pump is Essential

Why Do I Need a Backup For My Well Pump?

Having a reliable and consistent supply of water is the most crucial thing for any household. For anyone who relies on well water, a power outage can quickly turn into a disaster.

Without electricity, a well pump cannot function, leaving you and your family without access to water for drinking, cooking, and basic household tasks.

Traditional well pumps rely on electricity to operate. They are typically connected to the power grid and requires a steady flow of electricity to pump water from the well into the home. 

Why Have  a Battery Backup System?

A battery backup system serves as a reliable source of power for well pumps during blackouts. With a battery backup in place, the well pump can continue to function even when the main power supply is disrupted.

Battery Backup Has Numerous Advantages Over Gas or Propane. 

  • Battery Backup is Quiet
  • Does Not Emit Harmful Fumes
  • No Need To Store Gas
  • Use With Solar Panels For Free, Long Lasting Power

When you combine solar panels to your battery backup system, you can recharge the batteries with free power from the sun. You never have to pay for fuel or store smelly gas ever again. 

In addition to their reliability, safety and convenience, a battery backup for well pump is also easy to install and maintain, ensuring that you will always have clean water, even when the power is out.

 Best Battery Backup For Well Pump

Now that we've discussed why you should have battery backup for your well pump, lets look at some of the best systems available.

4000 Watt Split Phase (240V & 120V) Solar Generator

If you have well pump that is 1.5HP or smaller this is a perfect choice. It can run both 120V and 240V power, making it a whole home system. Power your well pump along with household items. 

Easily connects to a transfer switch to power your well and home circuits. 

6000 Watt Split Phase (240V & 120V) Solar Generator

This system can run a well pump up to 2.5 HP. It also runs bother 120V and 240V items. Perfect for well pumps and home backup power.

Easily connects to a transfer switch to provide power to your well pump and home circuits. 

Battery backup for well pumps. Solar power for well pumps

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