Why Get Should I Get Delta Force Portable Solar Generator?

Why should I consider getting a portable solar generator?

The best reason to get a Delta Force Power generator is that they have serious power! The 2500 watt 400ah solar generator has an impressive 5100wh battery bank. This is large enough to power essential items for three-four days. If you add solar panel or a wind turbine to the system it will provide power for much longer. Essentially, as long as you need it.

Power outages are becoming a very common place event these days. There are so many reason for these blackouts, from wildfires, hurricanes, natural disasters, or event from attacks on the grid.

So, why not just get a gasoline powered generator for emergency power? Well, there are many reasons why a gas generator isn't a great idea for powering your home for more than a day or two. The biggest reason, gas shortages.

During an emergency, gas is the first commodity to be sold out. There are hours long lines at gas stations, where the gas is rationed and quickly sell out. Even if you could store gasoline for an emergency, twenty gallons would only provide power for about two days.

There are others reasons as well. They're noisy: Some communities have enacted noise restrictions on gas generators at night. They emit fumes and can be unhealthy and they pollute the environment. 

Delta Force Power has lighter, more portable systems as well. The compact 100ah generator is the best portable solar generator available. It has a 1260 watt hour battery bank  and is easy to take camping or to outdoor events.

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