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Survive a Power Outage With a Solar Generator

Power outages are becoming all too common these days. Increased storms, natural disasters, heat waves, and even attacks on our grid are reasons for these increased blackouts. So, what can you do to be prepared in the event that you lose power? Solar powered generators are a great solution for providing you and your family with the power you need when the power goes out. They can run a fridge, freezer, microwave, cell phones, lights, laptops, and even provide power for your RV or trailer. You can easily recharge the power station using solar panels. And, because many of these...

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Why Get Should I Get Delta Force Portable Power Station?

Why should I consider a portable power station or solar generator? The best reason to get a Delta Force Power Station is because they have Serious Power! The Elite-Pro 6000 power station has a 6300wh battery bank. This is large enough to power essential items for four to six days. If you add solar panel or a wind turbine to the system it will provide power for much longer. Essentially, as long as you need it. Power outages are becoming a very common place event these days. There are so many reason for these blackouts, from wildfires, hurricanes, natural disasters,...

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